Greg Schermer

Mr.聽Schermer served as Vice President鈥夆斺塖trategy of the Company from March聽2012 until his retirement in September聽2016. From 1989 to July聽2006, Mr.聽Schermer served as Corporate Counsel of the Company, and from July聽2006 until October聽2012, he served as Vice President鈥夆斺塈nteractive Media of the Company. Mr.聽Schermer led the development of the Company鈥檚 digital media strategies and platforms, including the successful expansion of TownNews and represented the Company in several industry digital media initiatives, including The Local Media Consortium (the 鈥淐onsortium鈥), a group of 82 companies that create digital partnerships for local media operations. Mr.聽Schermer served as a member of the Consortium鈥檚 executive committee.

Mr.聽Schermer provides the Board with insight and operational perspective on the Company鈥檚 digital media strategies and his in-depth understanding of the Company鈥檚 business, strategy and operations makes him well-qualified to provide guidance to the Board in its oversight of the Company鈥檚 digital transformation. Through his former role as the Company鈥檚 corporate counsel, he also provides the Board with valuable insight on legal matters, compliance and risk assessment, and corporate governance.

Mr. Shermer is part of both the Audit and Nominating and Corporate Governance committees.