Herb Moloney

From December聽2006 until his retirement in July聽2011, Mr.聽Moloney was President and Chief Operating Officer of Western Colorprint, Inc., a privately held company that provided advertising supplements and commercial printing services to the publishing industry. From April聽2005 to November聽2006, Mr.聽Moloney was President and Publisher of the 老司机直播 Examiner. From 2000 to March聽2005, Mr.聽Moloney was the Chief Operating Officer, North America, and an Executive Vice President of Vertis, Inc., a premium provider of targeted advertising and 老司机直播 solutions to leading retail and consumer services companies.

Mr.聽Moloney is Chairman of the Executive Compensation Committee and a member of the Audit Committee, the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee, and the Executive Committee. Mr.聽Moloney has been designated as the Company鈥檚 Lead Director by the independent directors to preside over executive sessions of non-management directors, among other duties.

Mr.聽Moloney brings to the Board more than 30聽years of executive and management experience in the publishing and television industries. His extensive relevant industry and executive leadership experience provides him with substantive knowledge about a variety of issues that are related to the Company鈥檚 business, including digital and print advertising and 老司机直播, operations and strategy development.

Mr. Moloney is part of the Audit, Executive Compensation, Nominating and Corporate Governance committees, as well as the Lead Independent Director.