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Beth Parthum

Co-Founder & Director of Operations

Beth is the motivator behind Out of the Arts, who harbors a passion for inspiring people to get up and reach for their goals, no matter where their paths may lead. She began her career as a sound designer, production manager, and theater educator. A strong facilitator, Beth carried her project management, collaborative, and technical skills into her new career as a workforce trainer and internal communications professional. Beth holds a B.A. in Theater and an M.F.A. in Sound Design and Technology, as well as her Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification.


Beth currently lives in Tennessee with her husband and her two dogs, Finn and Pumpkin. She is probably training for her next marathon right now.

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Amy Shake

Co-Founder & Strategic Director

Amy is the analyzer of the Out of the Arts duo. She possesses a penchant for gathering information, making connections, and crafting the stories that deserve to be told. She started as a musician, performer and voice teacher, where she cultivated her observation, interpretive, and problem solving skills. This led her to her new career as a communications specialist, marketer, and small business advisor. Amy has a B.M. in Voice Performance and a B.A. in Public Humanities. She is constantly continuing her studies in any way she can and finding new ways to learn and grow.

Amy was born and raised in Upstate New York where she lives with her two dogs, Bonnie and Bartlet. She is likely curled up with them reading a book currently.

Beth and Amy met during the summer of 2007 as arts camp counselors (yes, the above photo is from that very summer)! Amy taught beginner voice, woodwind, brass and stage makeup lessons, while Beth spent her time patching a fossil of a sound board and instructing children how to properly coil cables. They've been building each other up ever since.

Meet Cute

Amy was a little afraid of Beth at the start, to be perfectly honest. Beth jumped out of her car upon arrival talking a mile a minute, stunning Amy into overwhelmed silence. I mean, come on! In that same conversation, Beth revealed a deep hatred for the color orange (Amy's favorite color). So, of course, Amy gathered a few other counselors to cover Beth's corner of the cabin in anything and everything they could find that was orange! And from there...a lasting friendship formed? Don't ask why, to this day we're still not sure ourselves. (Just kidding! Keep reading to find out why and how.)

Yin and Yang

Beth is a morning person, Amy is a night owl.

Beth is the talker, Amy is the writer.

Beth runs marathons and does CrossFit, Amy hikes and does yoga.

Beth reads almost exclusively personal development books, Amy is a fiction lover.

Amy likes to strategize, and Beth prefers to facilitate.

We approach everything from opposite ends, but it is in this that we complement one another.


The primary reason for our success together is one particular skill we share: collaboration. Our theater maker backgrounds have given us the ability and willingness to communicate openly and honestly to solve problems and move forward, which is what makes us such a strong pair of friends and business partners. We share a deep passion for growth, and a strong impulse to keep reaching and exploring. We want the same things out of life, and this remains at the core of our relationship as we constantly challenge each other to reach higher.

At the Core

Deep down, it is a shared set of core values and ideals that makes us Beth & Amy. We see each other eye to eye and are not afraid to challenge one another when necessary. We don't always agree, but we always advocate for ourselves and for each other. We are always moving forward together, and we want to help you move forward as well.