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Opera Singer & Social Media Manager

Jordan Weatherston Pitts has a lot of insight in personal branding and social media, with followers in the thousands. Jordan studied vocal performance, and as a fledgling opera singer didn’t quite have confidence to build his social media presence. However, he has recently worked to create an online brand for himself first on Instagram, and now TikTok. As Jordan has continued to grow his career and his brand, as well as work as a content creator for the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, he brings to the table his experience in keeping his brand alive (and his sanity!) despite the industry going dark, and some tips, tools and tricks of trade to boost social media presence.

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Attorney Raysheea Turner has gone from acting to practicing law to running her own law firm, and doesn’t let fears or barriers get in the way. Adaptability, collaboration, and even memorization are just some of the skills that she has carried with her from theater school through law school and into her life as a successful attorney and business owner. Do not miss this conversation about life, law, transferable skills, and how to find fulfillment in a career out of the arts.



Producer, Writer, and Marketing & Production Director of Done By Friday

Claire is a corporate event producer, TedX speaker, and all around storyteller, with a background in stage management and theater production! She has spent her entire career bringing her love for artistic storytelling, collaboration, and creative problem-solving to life both in and out of the performing arts world. She attributes her exuberance and skills to her theater background, and we cannot wait for you to hear what she has to say about it!

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Career Development Specialist for Entertainment Professionals

Alexandria is a Career Development Specialist for Entertainment Professionals, who currently works for The Actors Fund. Her excitement and passion for her job really shines through, and she brings to the table several years of experience helping arts and entertainment professionals successfully bridge the career gap.

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Stage Manager and Politician

Katie is an AEA Stage Manager and Activist, who is currently running her own political campaign for State Representative in Washington State’s 31st District. She talks about how to engage in the political process, how her theater background helps her in politics, and even the skills she wants to bring back to the arts industry.


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